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Commercial, Business and Real Estate Litigation

Business, commercial and real estate litigation can be very complicated. Our firm is ready to turn those complications to your advantage by bringing to bear not only the skills of our outstanding team of litigation and trial attorneys, but the experience and insight that our team of “business-minded” business and real estate lawyers can provide. The result is creative, cost-effective and insightful representation where the forest is never lost for the trees.

Over the years, our attorneys have made decisive contributions to a variety of major, “bet the company” business and real estate litigation cases. Our cross-disciplinary approach is further aided by our use of the most up-to-date computer systems, advanced document management and e-discovery software, and secure, access-protected websites where our clients can see their “case” and contribute to its efficient management. Having former software programmers, consultants and industry executives amongst our pool of talented attorneys keeps Bickerton Law Group LLLP ahead of the technology curve and, more importantly, armed to efficiently and effectively litigate any commercial, business or real estate dispute.

Whether on behalf of plaintiffs or defendants, in federal court or state court, our firm is your trusted ally to effectively assert or protect your rights. When appropriate, we are able to offer flexible fee arrangements, included “blended fee” or fixed “project fee” arrangements, so that our client’s can afford to pursue the justice they are entitled to.


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