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Consumer Class Action and Unfair Competition

When it functions correctly, the modern business world efficiently and ethically delivers a wealth of goods and services that we, the consumers, benefit from. Too often, however, we have seen some businesses resort to sharp or dishonorable practices to gain an unfair competitive advantage or to profit unfairly at their customers’ expense. When this happens, you need a smart and nimble firm that has proven itself capable of taking on even the strongest corporations and achieving justice for its clients. Just because you are small does not mean that you should be powerless. Our “no fee if there is no recovery” fee structure in these cases ensures that real complaints will get heard.

Our record in consumer class action litigation includes multi-million dollar recoveries against a bank charging federally prohibited fees to its customers, auto dealers charging their new car customers expensive fees and costs for “add-ons” that have little or no value, an employer who failed to pay overtime and other legally mandated wages and benefits to its workers, and a roofing company that sold its product with an illusory “lifetime” guaranty.

Our representation is not just limited to consumers. We have also successfully represented companies that have seen their business damaged or destroyed by illegal and unfair methods of competition. Our first major recovery in this area of law, through a multi-million dollar trial verdict for unfair methods of competition on the island of Maui on behalf a client who had lost her small business due to the sharp practices of another, combined with our additional successes by decree or settlement has led to our well-earned reputation as one of Hawaii’s leading unfair competition law firms.


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