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Consumer & Employee Claims for Hotel & Restaurant Service Charges

Jim Bickerton

Some hotels and restaurants do not comply with Hawaii law, which requires that consumers be clearly informed if the hotel or restaurant keeps any part of the “service charge” imposed on banquets, room service and large parties in restaurants. This practice harms both the consumers and the employees, since consumers pay more than they otherwise would and employees don’t receive the tips that the consumers believe they are paying to the employees.

Bickerton Law Group LLLP is working to change these practices and obtain compensation for consumers injured by these practices. If you work in a hotel or restaurant and you believe that the hotel or restaurant is keeping part or all of “service charges” without disclosing that to the consumer, you may have a claim for lost tip income. Similarly, if you have been a banquet, function or room service customer who has paid a “service charge” imposed by the Hotel, you may be a victim if the hotel or restaurant kept any part of the service charge without telling you. Please contact us if you believe you have a Hawaii hotel service charge lawsuit.

Banquets can cost consumers many thousands of dollar and we have seen service charges of $5000 or more for large wedding receptions or reunions. Since consumers can recover treble damages under Hawaii law, some of these situations could lead to recoveries of $15,000 or more. Even if you only paid a $500 service charge on a $2500 bill for food and beverage for a party of 40, you could be entitled to a $1500 refund.

To find out if you have a claim, please call us at 599-3811 extension 0, and say that you are calling about the service charge cases. You will be connected to an attorney who works in this area and who can explain your rights. We do not charge for the consultation and there is no obligation. If we decide that you have a case we can handle, we will only charge a contingency fee, which means you pay no fee unless we make a recovery for you.

To learn more about our firm, please visit our main webpage.

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